The war on Pike News: The social network Twitter has announced that it will partner with the AP and Reuters news agencies to provide more reliable information on the social network. Twitter’s move is intended to prevent Pike News on its network and to prevent the dissemination of misinformation on the network.

According to the Reuters report, Twitter is interested in adding context to the tweets and giving the trusted information to users. The relevant context can be expressed in various places on the social network, such as certain labels on specific tweets and more.

This is the first time Twitter has officially collaborated with news organizations to bring the context and display accurate information on its site. A Twitter spokesman added to Reuters that Twitter would switch separately with the AP and Reuters, and the teams would not communicate with each other.

Earlier this year, Twitter launched a pilot called Birdwatch, a program that calls on users to help identify and check incorrect facts and report. The idea is to create trustworthy user reporting groups for facts.

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