West Flemish energy supplier for companies Elexys stops in Wallonia and Brussels

The energy price crisis has led Elexys, a West Flemish energy supplier for businesses, to halt its operations in the Walloon and Brussels regions. Elexys said in a press release on Friday morning that the emergency supplier will take over the energy supply. In Wallonia and Brussels, Elexys provides around 1,800 delivery points.

Elexys is a Belgian company that specializes in distributing gas and electricity to businesses and industries. Due to “geopolitical tensions, the situation in Ukraine, and the unpredictable gas supply,” the company was obliged to shut down in Wallonia and Brussels. “Gas and electricity prices have risen to levels that no one could have predicted,” the report stated. Consumers who are having trouble paying their bills on time, according to Elexys, are putting further strain on energy suppliers.

The supply of energy is assured. Customers will continue to receive deliveries from the emergency provider until they select a new one. In Belgium, Elexys has roughly 2,000 customers. In Flanders, the firm supplies gas and electricity to roughly 6,000 locations. This affects 1,400 delivery sites in Wallonia and 400 in Brussels.

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