Jankova bara nature reserve on Kopaonka arranged for visitors (VIDEO)
The nature reserve of the first degree of protection, Jankova bara, which is located in the area of ​​Ravni Kopaonik in the valley of the Rečica stream at about 1,420 meters above sea level, has been arranged for tourists, the largest hotel company on Kopaonik MK Resort announced today.“Thanks to the cooperation between JP Nacionalni Park Kopaonik and MK Resort, another location of Jankova bara has been arranged, and the greatest value of this complex reserve is Tresav communities, sensitive and rare ecosystems that are habitats of endemic plant species protected as natural rarities, but also amphibians and birds. the gray falcon, the mouse and the mountain red cap stand out “, it is stated in the announcement.

It is added that MK Resort has always been a leader and initiator in the promotion of summer tourism and activities that are available to all visitors.
“We will continue to support such projects, because Kopaonik is a mountain with exceptional potential during the summer months, and only a small part has been recognized and used,” said the general director of MK Resort, Rados Djordjevic.

He added that the company is “proud to have the opportunity to participate in activities that affect the improvement of tourist infrastructure, destination development and the discovery of new places that tourists can visit.”

“Kopaonik National Park recently celebrated a significant jubilee, 40 years of existence. The company for the protection and development of this nature park has been working intensively for years on preserving the cultural and historical heritage, preserving the traditional way of life, as well as promoting natural beauties and reconstructing walking trails.” in the statement.

The executive director for legal and economic affairs of the Kopaonik National Park, Predrag Šumarac, said that they were “optimistic when it comes to the development of tourist sites on Kopaonik, although they are aware that they still have a lot of work to do.”

“We are on a good path, but it is necessary to include other economic entities in the realization of such projects in order to fully develop the destination, and especially the development of the summer season on Kopaonik,” said Sumarac.

The statement points out that, thanks to the improvement of the service on which MK Resort and JP Kopaonik National Park are constantly working, the summer season on Kopaonik is achieving increasing success from year to year.

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