Radosavljević for Danas: Cheapering of petroleum products – pure marketing and pre.election calculation

Tonight, economist Goran Radosavljevic assessed as “pure marketing and pre-election calculation” the announcement of the President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić, about lowering the price of oil derivatives.

“The fact that gasoline will cost 0.24 dinars less in the next seven days, and diesel 0.42 dinars, is pure marketing and pre-election calculation,” Radosavljevic told Danas.

He said that in the world “the price of oil fell below 100 dollars (per barrel) in the previous few days”, and reminded that it was 130 dollars.

That is why the reduction of the price in Serbia was announced, “some harmonization, but to be fair and honest, very miserable”, said Radosavljević.

He believes that the reduction of 0.24 dinars is a little, considering that the price is 187 dinars or 178, which is the price of diesel and gasoline, and that it is a “pure pre-selection calculation”.

“Given that we now do not have free pricing on the market, but the state determines the price by decree, because this was not determined by companies but by the state, this is pure marketing,” he said.

He also stated that he would like to see “the calculation by which they came to the conclusion that the price is lower by 24 money” and assessed that it was “unserious” since “one tank (car) will not save even 20 dinars for diesel, and for even less petrol “.

Radosavljevic also said that the Ministry of Trade determines the price every seven days, and “the big question is how they calculate” because, as he pointed out, “it is not completely clear from the Decree” about that.

“The price of oil has fallen, there is a basis for reduction, every reduction is good, but this reduction is really symbolic,” Radosavljevic repeated.

The presidential candidate of the Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) and the current head of state, Aleksandar Vučić, announced today that oil derivatives in Serbia will be cheaper from tomorrow. During the presentation of the candidates for the elections on Pink Television, he specified that the price of diesel will be lower by 0.42 dinars, and the price of gasoline by 0.24 dinars.

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