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Gold weakened 0.4% and a December delivery contract closed at $ 1,814.1 an ounce.


Trading in New York is on a positive trend: the Dow Jones and S&P 500 indices are up 0.5% and the Nasdaq is up 0.2%.

Among the stocks that are of interest: The Robin Hood stock soars 16% and rises to $ 44, above the issue price. Ali Baba It weakened by about 2% after missing the revenue forecast and despite surpassing analysts’ expectations in the profit line. Cruise Shares Royal Caribbean , Norwegian andCarnival Falling more than 2% and so on American Airlines , As the growing fear of the surge in Corona cases hits sectors that new restrictions will severely hurt.

The ten.year US bond yield with a slight recovery at 1.18%, the dollar is stable against the currency basket and weakened by 0.2% against the Japanese yen to 109.1 yen per dollar. The pound strengthened by 0.2% to $ 1.39 and the euro was stable at $ 1.18 per euro. WTI oil lost 0.9% and traded around $ 70.6 a barrel, Brent crude retreated 0.5% to a price of around $ 72.5 a barrel. Gold lost 0.5% and traded around $ 1,813 an ounce.


European stock markets closed in a mainly positive trend: in London, the Potassium 100 index rose 0.3%, in Paris Cuck 40 it rose 0.7%, while in Frankfurt the DAX declined 0.1%. The pan.European Stokes 600 index was up 0.2%. Shares in the oil and gas sector rose 2.3% in support of BP positive reports while equities in tourism and leisure fell 2.6%. BMW shares fell 5% after warning that the shortage of chips and high raw material prices would hit earnings in the second half of the year.

In New York, trading has moved to a positive trend and leading indices are up 0.2% .0.5%.

Of the Israelis, Solaredge jumps 16% after the strong reports, productivity falls by 2% and Sargon loses 3.9%.


Macro USA: Household debt soared in the second quarter by $ 313 billion and reached nearly $ 15 trillion, in dollar terms this is the biggest jump since the second quarter of 2007. The 2.1% increase is the sharpest in seven and a half years.


Wall Street trading is volatile and mixed. The Nasdaq was down 0.3%, the Dow was up 0.1% and the S&P 500 was stable.

At the top of the S&P 500, Gartner jumps 8.5% after strong reports, with Ralph Lauren adding 8% and Under Armor advancing 4%.

On the downside, at the bottom of the Dow Disney is down 2%, Visa and McDonalds are down 1.4%, American Express is down 1.2% and Boeing is down 0.8%.

In Europe, too, volatility was recorded and the stock markets moved from ups to downs and up again. At the moment, the DAX is down 0.2%, the other leading stock exchanges are up slightly, and the Paris Cuck 40 is up 0.6%.


Concerns about the Delta strain spreading on New York stock exchanges and leading indices have moved down 0.2% .0.3%. The weekly verified average reached 72,790 and surpassed the record set last summer. Decreases of 2% or more are recorded in cruise and airline companies.


Trading day on the New York Stock Exchange opened in a positive trend. The leading indices are strengthening by about 0.2%. The Dow and the S&P 500 are close to record levels.


New York futures are trading up 0.2%.

The ten.year US government bond yield is recovering slightly to 1.18%.

Among the stocks that focus on interest:

Chinese Internet giant Ali Baba Missed the forecasts in the revenue line, but overtook them in the profit line. In the second quarter, the group’s revenues totaled 205.7 billion yuan (about $ 32 billion), an increase of 34% compared to the corresponding quarter but slightly below analysts’ forecasts of $ 32.5 billion. Profit, on the other hand, exceeded forecasts and reached 45.1 billion yuan (about $ 7 billion), down from 47.6 billion yuan in the same quarter last year.

The drinks and food giant PepsiCo Has announced that it has agreed to sell Tropicana and other juice brands to French company PAI Partners for $ 3.3 billion. PepsiCo will receive 39% of the shares of a new joint venture they will set up as well as exclusivity over distribution rights in some of the channels like Food Services.

The pharmaceutical company Eli Lily Missed quarterly revenue and earnings forecasts after hit weak sales of its antibody treatments to Corona, which fell 80 percent in the second quarter as U.S. vaccination rates gained momentum. Second.quarter earnings totaled $ 1.39 billion, compared to $ 1.41 billion in the same quarter last year. last year.

Stock of sportswear manufacturer Under Armour Jumps 4.5% in after the company topped forecasts in the second quarter and raised its annual forecast. The company posted earnings of 24 cents a share, compared to analysts’ consensus of six cents a share.

The hotel chain Marriott It surpassed forecasts and reported earnings of 79 cents per share in the second quarter, compared to forecasts of 45 cents per share. Revenue more than doubled from last year due to a recovery in demand, but slightly missed forecasts.


The oil and gas giant BP Bypassed second.quarter forecasts. The British company posted a net profit of $ 2.8 billion, compared to a loss of $ 6.7 billion in the same period last year (and subsequently to a net profit of $ 2.6 billion in the previous quarter). The market expected a profit of about $ 2 billion.


Following the good reports thatSargon The Israeli published yesterday, Oppenheimer maintains the Outperform recommendation with a target price of $ 6.5. A study by the research department said that “the company published above.expected results, with improved business visibility, with a significant ratio above 1 and multiple wins for 5G products in light of strong demand in North America, Europe and India.” “We are maintaining the Outperform recommendation with a target price of $ 6.5 and see the stock as an attractive derivative of a global 5G infrastructure deployment move, given the technological advantages of its products and the intrusion of Chinese Huawei into the Western market.” –


Rises in Europe are strengthening, and now Dax is up 0.1%, Potsey is up 0.4% and Kak is up 0.9%. Futures on the Wall Street indices are signaling price increases also in the opening of trading in the US.

In London, Charter Standard Bank still stands out with a jump of more than 5% following the publication of the reports, and also Lloyds andBarclays Getting stronger. Aviation Group IAG , Which controls British Airways, is losing 1.6% in high trading turnover, and also Rolls Royce Withdrew by 1.2%.


Indices in China closed slightly lower. The Shanghai index lost almost 0.5%, while the Shenzhen fell 0.4%. The Hong Kong index also dropped 0.2%, partly due to Tencent falling 6% in high trading volume.

In Europe, and especially in England, France and Vienna, exchange rates are rising, while the DAX is trading steadily. BMW continues to lose height and drops 3.9%.

Bank Charter standard The Englishman climbed about 3.5% after publishing strong reports for the first half of the year, according to which the profit rose by 57% to a level of $ 2.5 billion. The bank will distribute a dividend of $ 350 million. The Bank’s income level decreased by 5% in light of the low interest rate level.

The crypto sector is also experiencing price declines, with Bitcoin trading at $ 38.6 thousand, about $ 5,000 less than the price it recorded a few days ago, but still 3.5% above the price it recorded a week ago. Atherium dropped below the $ 2,500 mark.


European stock exchanges opened with a mixed trend. The DAX is down nearly 0.3%, the Potsy is down 0.1%, while the French Cock is up 0.2%. In Lisbon, Vienna, Madrid and Zurich, price increases are also recorded, while the stock exchanges in Amsterdam, Brussels and Stockholm are weakening.

BMW is down about 3.5% in Germany after posting quarterly results, although it posted strong profits, in part following its warnings that the coming months will be tense in light of the global shortage of chips. “The longer the supply bottleneck lasts, the more tense the situation is likely to be,” Chief Financial Officer Nicholas Peter said today. “We anticipate that production restrictions will continue in the second half of the year and hence have a parallel impact on sales volumes.” The company’s earnings before interest and taxes rose to 5 billion euros compared to forecasts of 4 billion euros. The operating return from the automotive industry jumped to 16%, about double the automotive manufacturer’s annual forecast of 7% to 9%.


The Nikkei closed down 0.5%, with the Mitsubishi Financial Group down 1.3% in very high trading volumes (but Mitsubishi Motors up 2.3%), Nissan down 1.7%, and Subaru down 3.6%.

In Sydney, trading closed down 0.2%, with Afterfeet soaring 11%, and the payment service Zip Cap. 7% in high trading turnover.


This morning there is a mixed trend in Asia, with the Nikkei down 0.5%, the Sydney Stock Exchange down 0.3%, in parallel with the Australian central bank’s decision to leave interest rates unchanged (0.1%), Hong Kong trading up and down volatility of up to 0.1%, Shanghai down 0.2% and Shenzhen is slightly stronger. On the other hand, there are increases in Taiwan, South Korea, Indonesia, India and Vietnam. The China 50 index is also up 0.4%.

In Australia, Afterfeit jumps 14% higher than three times higher than usual, after it was reported thatSquare The American, led by Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, will acquire control of it for $ 29 billion.

In Hong Kong, technology company Tencent is down again and its price has been cut by 10%, and Maitouan is also losing 4%. In contrast, solar panel maker Xinyi Solar jumps 9.7% in exceptional trading turnover. Petrochina is down 1.2% amid falling oil prices. In Tokyo, Nintendo is losing 2%, Nissan is down 1.8%, and Softbank is down 1.1%.

Crude oil prices fell more than 3% yesterday (about $ 2 less per barrel), in part due to concerns raised with the spread of the Delta variant that could lead to a slowdown in market activity again. Falling oil prices could have a negative effect this morning on the oil and gas index and energy companies. At the moment, the market is relatively stable, with Brent and WTI crude oil futures shedding less than 0.1%, to $ 72.8 and $ 71.2 a barrel, respectively.

Contracts on the indices signal a green opening on Wall Street. Last night, at the end of a highly volatile trading day, the Dow Jones and S&P 500 closed down 0.3% and 0.2% respectively while the Nasdaq closed steadily.

In the US bond segment, the yield on the 10.year bond fell to just 1.17% last night, but is now strengthening slightly.

The reporting season in the world markets continues, and even today a number of interesting results are expected to be published. Among Israelis, they will report LivePerson , Productivity Network andUS Fuel

Except for them, before the opening of trading in the US, the performance of the second quarter of Ali Baba , Polo Ralph Lauren andUnder Armour – Reports will be published later in the day Eli Lily , Amgen , Royal Caribbean – The Energy Company’s reports will be published in London BP And a bank Charter standard – Reports from Mitsubishi, Subaru, Z Holdings, Casio and more will be released in Japan.

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