Sweden buys  million worth of tank shells from Israel

The Swedish Armed Forces will buy from Israel a large batch of 120-mm cumulative projectiles manufactured by Elbit and target designation systems for tank ammunition. The deal will amount to $27 million.

The purchases are intended for the Leopard 2 tanks, which are in service with the Swedish army and are equipped with a 120mm smoothbore gun. Two years ago, the Finnish army also purchased a batch of the same shells, spending $ 40 million.

Since the Russian annexation of Crimea, Sweden has significantly increased defense spending. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has forced the country, which has remained neutral since 1815, to consider joining the NATO bloc – just like its neighbor Finland.

The M339 projectile is a multi-purpose tank ammunition suitable for combat in both built-up and open areas. Designed to destroy bunkers, fortified points, buildings, armored personnel carriers, vehicles, it is extremely dangerous for manpower. The firing range is up to five kilometers.

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