PKS: Great interest in cooperation between businessmen from Serbia, Estonia, Slovenia and Croatia

The Serbian Chamber of Commerce (SCC) announced today that more than 50 representatives of companies from Serbia, Estonia, Slovenia and Croatia, interested in improving cooperation in the field of engineering, water purification, gathered at the business forum in the Serbian Pavilion at the Expo 2020 World Exhibition in Dubai. ICT solutions and digitalization of production.

Nikola Novović, Executive Director of “Milanović Water Treatment”, which operates in the field of engineering, installation, delivery and installation of equipment for maintenance and purification of drinking, waste and process water, said that the Expo is a great opportunity to renew contacts after the global pandemic and crisis. cooperation with world companies.

We make water purification systems that we can easily deliver to any location in the world. These are mobile package solutions that have a complete technological process and bring drinking water, for example, to the desired quality level, and are also suitable for industrial treatment. waste and process water “, said Novović.

Anna Greta Tsahkna, vice-president of the Estonian ICT Association and director of Timbeter, said that Estonian companies from various sectors were represented at the business forum, with the ICT services sector being the most representative.

According to Tsahkna, the cooperation between Estonia and Serbia has not been very active so far. “Serbia is Estonia’s 55th business partner and we are looking for options to improve it, and Expo is a great platform. Timbeter, a company that deals with digitalization in the forestry sector, is especially interested in cooperation with Serbian companies,” she said.

Scientific advisor at the IMS Institute for Materials Testing in Belgrade, Vencislav Grabulov, pointed out that the institute, which deals with research, development and design in the field of construction materials, has cooperation with 29 countries around the world thanks to a construction system patented by Academician Branko Žeželj. a good opportunity to renew your contacts.

“We have cooperation with Arab countries, and here we used the opportunity to schedule meetings with other partners around the world,” Grabulov said.

The director of the company Promo Global from Croatia, Gordana Kovačević, said that in addition to entrepreneurs from Croatia, businessmen from Italy and Northern Macedonia were present at the business forum, thanks to the “net perspective” project which brings together outstanding businessmen awarded for results in specific areas.

Kovacevic invited companies from Serbia to participate in the fair of construction, architecture, metal industry “Grandexpo”, which will be held in mid-September in Zagreb.

Director of Eternal glory in Banja Koviljača Sladjana Stojanović said that the company, which builds hotels in accordance with the requirements of modern tourists and clients, at the Expo with the aim of connecting with companies for future cooperation and that they succeeded in the just held business forum to establish several important contacts.

“We want to provide highly categorized accommodation in Banja Koviljača, to get acquainted with the experiences and conditions for the spa complex and to improve the wellness tourism program,” she added.

Serbian businessmen also participated in the Business Forum “Water Possibilities”, organized by the Dubai Chamber of Commerce, which, in addition to companies from Serbia, gathered representatives of companies from Australia, Finland, Cuba, Germany and Morocco.

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