The Minister for the care of the village, Milan Krkobabic, announced that the commission will start considering the requests received for the competition for the allocation of non-refundable funds for the purchase of a rural house with a garden on the territory of Serbia tomorrow or Friday.

On June 28, the Ministry of Village Care announced a public competition for the allocation of non-refundable funds for the purchase of rural houses for young married couples, and the state will give up to 1.2 million dinars for the purchase of houses.

Krkobabic told TV Pink that a large number of requests for the purchase of rural houses had arrived, and that the conditions of the competition were – that the couple was not older than 45, that they had no property in their name, and that they were registered in Serbia.

He invited everyone who meets those conditions and who wants to live in the village to apply.

According to the minister, many young couples with children are among those who applied for the competition.

“Professors, for example from Banat, who do not have their own house or apartment, applied, as well as young people who are engaged in the IT profession and farmers who live in joint households,” Krkobabic said.

He reminded that the Government of Serbia adopted a decree on determining the grant program for the purchase of mini buses for the needs of free transportation of the rural population, as well as a decree on determining the grant program for organizing the “Miholjski susreti sela” event.

He stated that these meetings will be organized by local self-governments, and that the Ministry for the Care of the Village will financially help their maintenance, and that the competition will be announced soon.

Speaking about the procurement of mini buses, he explained that local governments will soon be able to apply, and that these buses will be used to transport people from one village to another, as well as from the village to the municipal place.

“Transportation is a big problem now because it is charged, but this transportation will be free. The local self-government will apply, get a mini bus with 21 seats, provide the driver, fuel, registration, and we provide the vehicle, which is not cheap up to seven million dinars.” said Krkobabic.

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