Sales growth of the German Stade above the market average in 2021.

Stada Group, within which Hemofarm operates, once again exceeded market trends in 2021 and had sales growth of eight percent to 3.25 billion euros, and a profit increase of 37 percent in the form of profit before interest, taxes and depreciation (EBITDA ) to 776.5 million euros, it was announced today.

All three strategic product groups (pharmaceutical specialties, consumer health products and generic drugs) contributed to sales growth, which accelerated particularly in the second half of the year due to the recovery in market demand. With an ever-expanding portfolio that includes therapies for Parkinson’s disease and biosimilars, Stada is financially the fourth largest player in Europe in both consumer and generic health products, the company said in a statement.

Over the past year, Stada managed to strengthen this position, surpassing the overall market and its five largest competitors in the segment of over-the-counter drugs.

In European markets, Stada achieved sales growth of 12 percent, including organic growth of seven percent without acquisitions. Two-thirds, or 16 of the 24 countries in the region, saw double-digit sales growth, including growth of more than 20 percent in France and Spain.

In Serbia, Hemofarm contributed to the growth of Štada as one of its ten most successful markets in terms of sales in 2021. Serbia is the main center of both production and supply chain for Štada Group, since it supplies drugs to countries around the world from plants in Vršac, Dubovac and Šabac.

“Every fourth product sold in Serbia, both on prescription and without a prescription, was delivered by Hemofarm,” said Hemofarm CEO Ronald Zeliger.

He added that in the segment of prescription drugs, we continue to surpass the market thanks to new therapeutic options such as the first generic version of the antithrombotic on the market called ticagrelor or okrelizumab, a biological drug for the treatment of multiple sclerosis.

“Also, in the consumer health segment, Hemofarm continues to grow strongly, expanding successful brands such as probiotics by adding products such as Buscopan, Bisolvon and Dulcolax that we now trade for Sanofi. The recent expansion of the Intesta product range has also increased our range of gastrointestinal products. “Zeliger said.

Stade CEO Peter Goldschmidt said he was proud and grateful that the company’s 12,500 employees around the world worked tirelessly with supply chain partners to ensure the drugs reached patients.

“Thanks to growing above the market average, Stada has been able to provide the cash needed to continue investing in our people and portfolio. Our purpose in caring for people’s health as a trusted partner is to provide patients with the drugs they need at all times and even and in times of crisis and conflict, “he said.

“Licensing almost 100 additional products in development during 2021 testifies to Stada’s position as a reliable partner. The combination of our strong organic business, solid financial base and highly dedicated workforce assures me of Stadin’s continued success and strong contribution to global health in 2022. Due to our broad geographical presence in Western Europe, the Middle East and Asia, I am confident we will meet the challenges we are expected in Ukraine and Russia, “Goldschmidt said.

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