The fall in live weight prices of pigs in Serbia due to reduced demand since the Kovid.19 pandemic has reduced the number of pigs by about 1.5 million because producers are shutting down production to reduce losses, said today the President of the Assembly of Serbian Agricultural Producers (SPAS) Zoran Milicevic –

He told Beta that the situation in pig breeding will not be significantly improved these days by a slight increase in the price of live weight from 100 to 120 dinars per kilogram to 160 to 170 dinars, because there are drastic losses in the production of fattening pigs due to higher food prices.

“The reduced demand for pork since the pandemic began and the increase in the price of fodder since the beginning of this year by several tens of percent, depending on the species, have forced producers to reduce or completely abolish the production of fattening pigs,” Milicevic said.

He added that in order to pay for the production of fattened animals, a kilogram should cost more than 200 dinars, because any price below that brings huge losses.

He said that these days, the price of meat in stores has increased by 10.20 percent because traders do not want to lose, and when it was 100.120 dinars per kilogram, they did not reduce the price at which they sold it before.

“I also reduced the number of sows from about 80.90 to 30 because that is the only way to reduce losses. “, said Milicevic.

According to him, the Ministry of Agriculture is not interested in the fact that producers have been asking for help for months and are not responding to their requests to at least reduce the import of frozen meat, to buy a certain amount of commodity reserves or to oblige domestic stores to offer at least 70% of domestic pork. meat.

As he said, the Republic Directorate of Commodity Reserves bought only 6,000.7,000 pieces of pigs in exchange for corn, although it took twice as many, so that did not significantly affect the increase in the price of live weight of pigs.

The Ministry of Agriculture, as he said, does not care that small farms in households in villages are being shut down “because they think that only large farms are important”.

“Serbia needs about six or seven million pigs for its needs, and now there are no more than about three million. The Ministry of Agriculture does not care that by shutting down pig farms in households in villages, villages are extinguished and people flee to cities or abroad,” Milicevic said.

He said that the state was asked to form a fund into which a dinar would be poured from each product sold in order to use that money to help producers in situations when, as now, there is a price disturbance, but that this was not accepted either.

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