The private islands in the Caribbean by Jeffrey Epstein are offered for sale

The two assets of Jeffrey Epstein The Caribbean islands, including the infamous ‘Island of Pedophiles’, are now up for sale for $ 125 million. Executors of the estate of the convicted sex offender have put up for sale the two islands he owns, off the east coast of St. Thomas, in the Virgin Islands of the United States. The sale will be used by the estate “to resolve pending claims and for the day-to-day costs of the estate’s operations, and will be subject to possible claims by tax authorities, creditors and other parties,” the estate’s attorney, Daniel Weiner, told ABC News.

Epstein purchased the small island, St. James, in 1998 for about $ 8 million and settled there in 2010, near the time he was released from his first prison sentence in Palm Beach, Florida. Then, in 2016, he purchased the neighboring and larger island, which spans 161 acres, for $ 22.5 million. Epstein developed the island by building houses, an amphitheater, an underwater office and a pool.

Today, the islands are enslaved following criminal activity allegedly related to the sexual trade in girls and young women. Denise George, the U.S. Attorney General, filed a civil lawsuit in early 2020 against Epstein’s estate manager, alleging that Epstein created a network of straw companies, charities and individuals, who contacted him and collaborated, in decades of printing, in his activities. The criminal. The lawsuit was filed with the aim of reaching Epstein’s funds, in order to use them as compensation for his victims and payment of fines.

Epstein was charged by the U.S. Attorney General with sexually abusing 12-year-old girls on Little St. James Island. The lawsuit, filed two years ago, also alleges that one of the 15-year-old girls tried to escape from the island by swimming before she was captured and her passport confiscated. According to various reports and testimonies, Epstein has hosted a number of high-profile guests on the island over the years.

Epstein died in prison in 2019, awaiting trial.

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