Russian Army: The first phase of the operation has been completed.  We will focus on the release of Donbas



Qatar’s energy minister says in an interview with CNN that the statements “will not choose a side”, but will continue to supply Europe with gas. During the interview, Minister Sa’ad Sarida al-Qa’ebi explained that “from a business point of view, we do not choose sides.”


The music streaming platform Spotify has suspended its service in Russia following the invasion of Ukraine, according to a company spokesman. Spotify noted that while it is important to keep their service active in Russia to provide a reliable source of news, the new legislation in Russia that prevents freedom of speech puts the safety of Spotify employees first. “After weighing all the options carefully under the circumstances, we have come to the difficult conclusion that we must stop our service in Russia,” Spotify said.


The Russian military has announced that it will focus its efforts on the “complete liberation” of the Donbas region of eastern Ukraine. Russian news agencies report that the first phase of the “military operation to liberate Ukraine” has ended and that forces will move to eastern Ukraine. It is possible that this is a hint towards the reduction of Russian forces around Kyiv after those encountered unexpected Ukrainian resistance. Russian agencies also add that the military is ready to continue the “operation” until all the goals set by President Vladimir Putin are achieved.

Sergei Rudskoy, head of the operations department at the General Staff of the Russian Army, said that 93% of the Luhansk region and 54% of the Donetsk region are already under Russian control. Rudskoy added that Russia had destroyed most of Ukraine’s air and naval forces, thus concluding the first phase of the conflict. However, the Russian Defense Ministry has not indicated whether they will continue to try to occupy more Ukrainian cities that are already under siege.

Meanwhile, the Russian Ministry of Defense has admitted in an official statement that 1,351 Russian soldiers have been killed since the beginning of the invasion of Ukraine, which the Kremlin calls a “special military operation.” This is the first report of casualties from the Russian Ministry of Defense since early March, when 498 soldiers were reported dead and 1,500 wounded. U.S. intelligence officials said earlier this week that more than 7,000 Russian soldiers had been killed in an invasion of Ukraine since the end of February.


The UN Human Rights Council has announced that the number of civilians killed since the Russian invasion of Ukraine on February 24 stands at 1,081. 1,707 people were injured. The UN believes the number of casualties confirmed will be significantly higher.

Meanwhile, a video from Kharkiv appeared on Twitter in which the Russian army was seen shelling civilians queuing for humanitarian aid. The distributed video shows a missile hitting an audience of civilians.


The besieged city council of Mariupol announced, relying on eyewitness testimony, that about 300 civilians were killed in the shelling of the theater in the city earlier this month. More than 1,000 residents were hiding in a theater in the city when it was shelled by the Russian army on March 16.

“Drama theater has been the heart of Mariupol and has always been a symbol of the city,” the city council said in a telegram, “and now there is no more drama theater. In its place, there is a new pain point for Mariupol residents, ruins that have become the last refuge for hundreds of people.”


The Kremlin officially responded to U.S. President Joe Biden’s remarks last night about supporting Russia’s removal from the G20 economic forum, and for Moscow this is not a disaster.

“The format of the G20 is important but in the current circumstances, with most of its participants in an economic war with us, nothing terrible will happen,” Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said at a news conference. Peskov added that the world is bigger than the US and Europe and that all efforts to isolate Moscow will fail.


The US has announced that it will work with its international partners to supply at least 15 billion cubic meters of liquefied natural gas to Europe by the end of the year. Russian fossils, as long as the Kremlin continues to invade Ukraine.


According to a report from Reuters, a humanitarian corridor from Mariupol is expected to open today that will improve for citizens with private vehicles to leave the city.

According to British intelligence, the Ukrainian army reoccupied eastern cities to Kiev. According to intelligence, it is likely that the Ukrainian army will continue its offensive to hit Russia backwards.

According to the Ukrainian prosecutor’s office, 135 children have died since the start of the fighting, and another 184 children have been injured.


US President Joe Biden is expected to announce today that the US will increase its natural gas shipments to Europe, with the aim of reducing European dependence on Russian gas.


British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said he was “not optimistic about Putin wanting peace. I think he wants to deepen the war and bomb the cities of Ukraine as happened in Chechnya in 1999. I think that is a tragic mistake.”

A senior Pentagon official said Russia would “emerge weaker” from the war with Ukraine: “weaker militarily, economically, politically and geopolitically. It will be more politically isolated.” The senior official added that the invasion had made Russia a “burden” for China: “I think Russia is a greater strategic burden on China than it was before the invasion.” The remarks come after a speech by Biden in which he stated that “China’s economic future is closer to the West than to Russia.”

The senior official went on to say that he did not think Putin wanted to enter into a full-scale war conflict with NATO, and that it was estimated that Russia was running out of target-oriented missiles.

The Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine reported a first case of prisoner exchange between Russia and Ukraine, with the exchange of 10 prisoner soldiers for 10 humanitarian workers captured by the Russians.

Japan joins sanctions and freezes the assets of 25 Russian oligarchs on its territory, as well as bans exports to 81 Russian companies.

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