New promotional action of PKS: For a strong economy, buy Čuvarkuća (VIDEO)

Today, the Serbian Chamber of Commerce (SCC) launched a new promotional campaign for the purchase of products marked with the “Guardians” stamp in seven retail chains in Serbia with the aim of raising consumer awareness of the benefits and importance of buying domestic products to strengthen the Serbian economy.

More than 150 promotional actions will be organized in the stores of Deleuze, Mercator, Univerexport, DIS, Vera, LIDL, as well as companies that are members of the Domestic Retail Chain (DTL).

After visiting the PerSu Vojvodjanka market in Belgrade, the secretary of the PKS Trade Association, Zarko Malinovic, said that almost 900 domestic products bear the “Guardian House” stamp.

He pointed out that today it is important for citizens to buy products made in Serbia in domestic stores, because that protects the Serbian economy, which is especially important in the global crisis that the world is facing due to the situation in Ukraine.

“Thanks to domestic producers and traders, we have a well-supplied market at a very challenging time for the whole world,” Malinovic said.

As he added, the purchase of “Čuvarkuć” leaves more funds in the state budget, which are then invested in infrastructure, education, health …

Consumers who buy three or more products with that stamp as a gift in 150 stores receive a cotton ceger, produced in Serbia, which, according to Malinovic, is important because it further reduces the use of plastic bags and protects the environment.

The director of the Domestic Trade Chain (DTL), of which PerSu is a member, Obrad Popovic said that now more than ever, it is important to support domestic production and traders.

“Our basic mission is to support small producers and enable them to take their place on the shelves,” said Popovic, adding that 14 members of DTL have almost 700 facilities in Serbia.

The founder of the company BB Trade, which includes domestic markets PerSu, Darko Bjeloglav said that they are intensively cooperating with small local producers, which he invites to apply for the “Čuvarkuća” trademark.

“The main goal is to support the local economy because the profit from the domestic economy remains, which is later distributed to the whole society,” said Bjeloglav, noting that PerSu markets mainly operate in Vojvodina, but that by the end of the year, Belgrade will be open in Belgrade. five more markets of this company.

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