Today, the President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić, congratulated the Miners’ Day and pointed out that we will not give up our coal reserves.

“Serbia will not run away from its coal capacities, from its thermal capacities, and it will not give them up. That means that you will have your job in 10, 20 and 30 years,” he told the miners in the Presidency at the Miners’ Day reception.

Vučić pointed out that he believes in mining, which, according to him, is an economic branch that will only grow in Serbia, reminding of the importance of energy security for the country.

“Many countries are already facing a shortage of electricity and gas and a dramatic increase in world market prices,” he said, adding that Serbia therefore follows the energy needs of the economy and citizens, which is why miners are attached to the country.

He also reminded that the largest export company in Serbia is Zidja’s dill from the mining sector and that it participates with 1.9 percent in the gross domestic product (GDP).

“In the coming years, it should make us 3.5 to four percent of GDP,” he said.

Vučić said that the state would try to enable the growth of salaries in Kolubara, Kostolac and Resavica, stating that there are big problems with the Senj mines and the Ibar mines.

“We will make sure to keep Kolubara, Kostolac, but also Resavica on our feet and strengthen them,” he said.

Vučić organized a reception for women miners from various mines from the territory of Serbia and stated that as many as 135 women go down into the pits and perform the most difficult mining jobs.

On behalf of the miners, mining engineers from the Lubnica mine of the Resavica Public Company for Underground Coal Exploitation thanked Danijela Todorović and the company “Zidjin koper Srbija” Jelena Djurić, as well as geodetic engineer Mila Simić from the Kolubara basin.

The President of Serbia also received a mining helmet as a gift.

According to the data of the Independent Trade Union of Metalworkers of Serbia, about 30,000 miners are employed in the country.

Serbian Miners’ Day is marked in memory of August 6, 1903 and the strikes in the Senj mines, when the miners fought for the return to work of three fired colleagues, reduced working hours and free lamp oil.

The miners went on strike over the dismissal of three miners who were protecting workers’ rights, and after a ten-day strike, they managed to get the fired miners back to work.

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