Fill up with a better feeling

The oil multinationals are currently making good money at the pumps. Shareholders benefit from this – and don’t have to feel guilty about it.

Anyone who fills up their vehicle these days is confronted with prices that were last this high ten years ago. The situation was very different two years ago when the pandemic broke out.

But in the meantime the economy has picked up again and with it the global demand for crude oil. However, the offer was not yet available to the extent required. And for four weeks now, a war has been raging in Ukraine, which has thrown the situation on the commodity markets upside down. The result: Oil prices shot through the roof in one fell swoop.

The situation on the markets has only eased a little in the meantime. For the international oil companies, this means continued high revenues. Share prices are much less affected by the turbulence on the financial markets.

So if you want to make up for the high fuel prices a little, you can put one or the other oil stock in your portfolio. Whether that is politically correct is another matter and every investor has to decide for themselves. Of course, there are already some among the oil companies that have recognized the signs of the times and are developing other, more sustainable business areas.

Or you can think even further into the future. That time in 20 or 30 years when, according to experts, oil and gas will hardly play any role as energy sources. But water (material), wind and solar power. There is a wealth of companies here that are already listed and some are already making profits. In view of the continuing increase in energy demand worldwide, the potential seems great.

Whatever industry it becomes, take the chance to win!

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