The Minister for the Care of the Village, Milan Krkobabic, said today that the first 14 empty houses in Serbia got new owners, farmers or citizens who decided to leave the cities and accept the program of that Ministry for granting grants for the purchase of rural houses.

“Today, a total of 16 million dinars was approved, and the value of the houses went from 835,000 dinars in Pirot, in the village of Polska Rzana, to the full amount of 1.2 million dinars in the village of Vaska in the municipality of Bac,” Krkobabic said. awarding grants for the purchase of a country house with a garden held its first session.

He added that couples with children are in the lead, that there are a lot of young farmers, but also those who have decided to leave the urban areas and start a new life in the village.
As it is stated, 12 families from the territory of Serbia and two young farmers, determined to start living independently, received a new roof over their heads.

Most requests, which were approved, came from the municipalities of Pirot (villages Polska Rzana, Veliki Suvodol, Berilovac) and Nova Crnja (villages Srpska Crnja and Toba), followed by the villages of Backa Palanka, Lucani, Vladicin Han, Bac, Kikinda, Pecinci.

“A good example is a couple from Belgrade, a system administrator and an architectural designer who will work from home and start their new life near Trstenik in the village of Dublje,” it is stated in the announcement.

This program envisages the award of grants to young married and unmarried couples, single parents and young farmers or farmers up to 45 years of age for the purchase of a rural house with a garden, which can be located in all settlements of Serbia, except in city and municipal seats and suburban settlements.

As stated, the interest is great, applications arrive every day, funds are allocated in the order of received applications until the funds allocated for this purpose are spent, and no later than November 1, 2021.

Krkobabic said that for now, the average age of the applicants for the competition is 35 years of age, but that those who are not of legal age are also interested, and who will have to be patient in their parents’ homes for a few more years.

The president of the Commission for evaluation and control of the project realization is the rector of the University of Belgrade and the dean of the Faculty of Architecture Vladan Djokić, and the deputy president of the Commission is agroeconomist Milan Prostran.

The Decree on determining the Program for the allocation of non.refundable financial resources on the territory of Serbia for 2021, adopted by the Government of Serbia and according to which a public call was announced on June 28, 2021, envisages a total of 500 million dinars for these purposes. amount up to 1.2 million dinars.

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