Enjoyable shopping: the most beautiful supermarkets in the world

Different countries, different supermarkets. When on holiday in Italy, it is a must to end up visiting the local supermarket. The tomatoes taste better than ours and the choice of pasta is almost limitless. There are countless varieties of olive oil and the Pino Grigio is exceptional.

offer experiences

Different countries, different supermarkets: the stationary trade is considering new concepts, not least because of the competition from the emerging online trade in the food sector. You have to be creative and offer experiences, says Niels Dellantonio, Sales Manager at Interstore Schweitzer. The Italian shopfitting experts have chosen the most beautiful and creative supermarkets in the world. Dellantonio: “We want to make a passionate statement about physical retail. We want to offer retailers inspiration and encourage them at the same time: Look what our colleagues are doing around the world.” Five criteria were developed that make stationary food retailers successful and prepare them for the future:

1. Space and Atmosphere

The uniqueness of the architecture, surroundings and staging make physical shopping an experience. “We believe in the power of retail to enable real experiences, both social and sensory,” said Dellantonio. Special examples of the culinary experience are the food hall in Berlin’s KaDeWe or the branches of the supermarket chain Eataly, which offer variety and “La Dolce Vita”: with an aperitivo bar, restaurant and espresso counter. What is consumed here can be bought straight away to take home.

2. Product presentation

A visual story that sells itself: A supermarket that conveys the feeling of the fresh market, encourages you to buy and try. Carrefour in Milan shows in a reduced way how goods become the stars in the shop. Discounters have also recognized this trend for themselves: Edeka Weserpark, for example (photo at the top) relies on theatrical staging of the product worlds, which encourages visitors to explore every corner of the market. Meanwhile, Aldi is pursuing an artistic, urban concept with its newest shop in Sydney.

3. Celebrating craftsmanship

When fresh goods such as baked goods, meat or fish are presented, as at the butcher, bakery or fish market around the corner, the customer gets the feeling of advice and quality as if he were a trusted expert. At La Grand Epicerie in Paris, this concept is perfectly implemented.

4. Ready-to-Eat Innovative

Hybrid concepts that combine the features of a supermarket, a market hall and a restaurant are in vogue. Bridge in Zurich, for example, is an experimental Migros location, where changing local retailers, pop-ups and a food lab create a convivial atmosphere. Ready meals, sushi bars and sandwich counters invite you.

5. Omnichannel

Integration into the digital ecosystem is another key to success for the future of retail. The online shop as an additional mainstay, but also digital concepts in stationary business are in demand. Unmanned shops are currently being tested worldwide, well-known showcase projects include: Tegut Teo in Germany, Amazon Fresh in the USA.

KaDeWe, Berlin
In the Berlin shopping temple KaDeWe, the impressive food hall on the 6th floor attracts with an outstanding product presentation – such as the colorful hanging shelves in the confectionery department (picture) or the glass wine department. Various food corners or the champagne bar invite you to linger. An elegant place, with innovative ideas and brands.

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