Winks at the oligarchs: Turkish Foreign Minister invites Russian capital tycoons

A haven for oligarchs? Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlot Chebushalou announced yesterday (Saturday) that his country would be happy to accept the Russian capital tycoons, “as long as the deals are in international law.” In doing so, Chebashoulu continued the line of Ankara, which on the one hand declares compliance with the “Montreux” and the blockade of the Bosphorus and Dardanelles Egypt for the passage of warships to the Black Sea, but on the other hand strongly opposes the imposition of sanctions on Russia.

The Montreux Treaty was signed in 1936 between Turkey, the USSR, Britain, Yugoslavia, Romania, Japan, Greece, France, Bulgaria and Australia, and was intended to determine the status of powers in the Bosphorus and Dardanelles that link to and from the Black Sea. On both banks of Egypt – and it also has the authority to close Egypt during a war to the passage of military ships.And this step was indeed taken by Ankara, although it has almost no effect on the existing war in Ukraine because Russia operates the Black Sea Fleet – independent of its need to move out of the Black Sea.

Asked by a CNBC reporter in the Doha forum, Chebushaulo replied: “We are implementing UN-sanctioned sanctions, so if Russian citizens want to visit Turkey, of course, they can. Russians are now coming to Turkey. No problem. “Regarding the issue of investment and business, Chebushoulu added that” if the reference is to the oligarchs, then of course they can do all the business in Turkey if they are legal and not against international law, I will consider. “If it’s against international law, then that’s a different story.”

In the shadow of the war between Russia and Ukraine, Turkey is in an energetic situation similar to that of Europe, which receives about 40% of its natural gas consumption from Russia. However, Ankara’s dependence on Moscow is broader – and also includes military dependence on S-400 anti-aircraft systems. Washington may have expected Turkey to leave its military cooperation with Russia in exchange for their return to the F35 aircraft project, but Ankara soon made it clear that it did not. Is on the episode.

Is Abramovich on his way to Turkey?

At the same time, the two yachts of the oligarch, owner of Chelsea Roman Abramovich, docked last week in the Turkish coastal city of Bodrum, following a cruise from the city of Tibet in Mongtenangro. Then came the reports in Turkey of negotiations between Abramovich and the president of the Guztape football club, Mehmet Spiel, regarding the acquisition of the team from the bottom of the local senior league table.

As Abramovich transfers his assets and capital to Turkey, it will be a situation that serves the interests of both parties. The oligarch is moving away from sanctions, and Ankara may find some response from the oligarchs to the dire economic situation in which the country finds itself.

An issue that Turkey deals with, like Israel, is mediation in an attempt to bring about a ceasefire between Russia and Ukraine – and here too, because it refuses to join sanctions on Moscow.

In fact, Turkey is in this war between the hammer and the anvil because Ukraine is the main export destination of Turkish-made UAVs. Byracter. Therefore, in Turkey strive to end the war as soon as possible and with as little damage to Ukraine as possible.

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