Israel: State Comptroller fined Meretz and Likud for violations during elections to the 23rd Knesset

State Comptroller Matanyahu Engelman released a report on party funding for the campaign period ahead of the 23rd Knesset elections and for the 22nd Knesset. This report looks at how the accounts and expenses of the various factions were managed over these time periods.

The audit showed that out of 17 factions, 13 received a positive assessment, while four factions did not receive it (Ahi, Likud, Meretz, Shas). Engelman ruled that they would be deprived of the balance of funding in the total amount of 65,000 shekels (MERETS – 15 thousand, Likud – 50 thousand, the rest – a warning).

Compared to the 22nd Knesset campaign funding unit of NIS 1,384,400, the 23rd Knesset campaign funding unit was NIS 1,819,066 (an increase of about 31%). As a result, the 20 factions’ total government funding revenues in the 22nd Knesset elections were NIS 182.7 million, while the 17 factions’ government funding revenues in the 23rd Knesset elections were NIS 236.5 million.

According to the reports of the factions, their campaign expenditures amounted to about 233.7 million shekels.

Advertising expenses. The report shows that factions are increasingly using the digital space for political propaganda. In the 23rd Knesset, factions spent NIS 99.6 million, of which 46.7% was spent on advertising on the Internet and social networks, 17.1% on signs and billboards, and 4.8% on advertising in print media. .

Why were Meretz and Likud fined?

The report found that the expenses of the Meretz faction, which participated in the elections as part of the joint list, exceeded the statutory spending ceiling by 1%.

By law, factions must manage their accounting system in accordance with the instructions of the State Comptroller. It follows from the report that the Likud faction did not keep its accounts in accordance with the instructions of the State Comptroller. The faction did not find any documents, such as a contract, receipts and detailed documentation of the consulting services of a foreign company, which could confirm the expenses claimed by it.

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