Retirement: Agirc-Arrco offers 400,000 free interviews to prepare your file

Every year, 650,000 people retire. To be ready on D-day, it is a whole phase of checks and administrative procedures that must be undertaken at least twelve months before submitting the file, or even much longer in the event of a zigzag route, abroad. For example. A tedious verification task awaits the candidates at the start. But you don’t need to pay to get help.

The supplementary pension scheme for private sector employees (Agirc-Arrco) has decided to open its doors in 2024 in 600 reception areas. In total, 400,000 interviews, twice as many as in 2023, are proposed to prepare the files of those who will leave in the coming months or years, and thus carry out all the necessary checks.

From 40 or 45 years old

Also concerned are those who, from the age of 40 or 45, want to know where they stand, check their career record and their number of points in order to get an idea of ​​the amount of their pension according to different retirement age hypotheses. . The organization has also decided to reach out to people with complex careers: a quarter of the 400,000 interviews are planned for people identified upstream, in other words all those for whom the creation of the file risks turning out to be a difficult journey. of the fighter.

By telephone, by videoconference (from the summer) or better in person, the interview lasts thirty to forty-five minutes on average. Among the questions from policyholders that come up regularly, according to an internal document: “When and how much? » or “When to apply for retirement?” » But also the impact of children in the calculation of rights, long careers…


With the advisor, it will be possible to view and update the entire career, obtain advice, and even access the support and prevention services offered by the Agirc-Arrco regime (an assessment of free health from the age of 50, a retirement preparation course, etc.).

Many questions related to pension reform

“If the digitalization of procedures has been accelerated with the health crisis, people express a greater need for advice, decision-making support, personalized and individualized support in their procedures, more particularly vulnerable populations,” he observes. -on to Agirc-Arrco.

The pension reform and its numerous new measures have also triggered a host of questions among the employees concerned, particularly those born in 1962, the first generation to suffer the effects of all these changes.


To make an appointment, contact an advisor on 0 970 660 660 (non-premium rate call) or connect to your Agirc-Arrco personal space.

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