A factory in Turkey for an Israeli importer: they are not ready to produce Israeli and IDF flags

The State of Israel is used to the fact that an escalation with Hamas leads to tensions with Turkey, but that of the “Iron Swords” war has brought new heights in the conduct of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Now, we reveal in Globes that a large flag factory in Istanbul refused to print cone flags of Israel and the IDF.

Businessman Ronnie Miley, similar to previous cases, placed an order from the factory for nearly 900 dollars. He manages the relationship with the contact person at the factory in Arabic, because he is apparently Syrian. However, for the first time, he was met with an overwhelming refusal. That employee clearly hinted that he was not behind the decision.

The event took place about three weeks after the Turkish government decided to remove Israel from the list of export destination countries. This means that Ankara has stopped encouraging people, subsidizing trade and supporting businesses that operate with Israel. In addition, this is a message to Turkish business owners that if they get involved in trade with Israel, the state will not help them.

The anti-Semitic message of the Turkish Ministry of Commerce

Earlier, the Turkish Ministry of Commerce published a false anti-Semitic announcement that “the trade with Israel is not with the Jewish region of Israel.” In a letter stating that it was intended “for public attention”, it was written that “reports appeared in several media outlets that there was an increase in exports to Israel. This claim is baseless.” After the lie that “trade is not done with Israeli Jews”, they expanded the lies: “Trade with Israel is done for the sake of 2.2 million Israeli citizens of Arab origin and for those who live under Israeli occupation in the West Bank, Gaza and East Jerusalem.”

On behalf of the Turkish Ministry of Commerce, headed by Minister Omer Bulat, a close associate of Erdogan, it was also reported that “in total, 8 million Palestinians live on the land of Palestine. 7.2 million Jews live on the land of Israel. All products destined for Palestine must pass through Israeli customs – and are transported there under The name ‘Israel'”.

In the Turkish industrial sector, an unusual event took place about a week and a half ago in Gebza, in the suburbs of Istanbul, in which an armed man took over the P&G (Procter & Gamble) factory, and took seven hostages, while saying about the American-owned factory that “this is an Israeli factory”. The event ended without casualties, but all of these events, together and separately, show how the political tensions between Turkey and Israel are already affecting the economic ties between the countries.

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