“Black rectangles as far as the eye can see!  »: residents of Grayssas reject the photovoltaic plant

“We thought this crazy project was buried but it suddenly resurfaced at the beginning of the year,” marvels Lohan Grandperret. With Aurélie his wife, he is part of the Les Beaux Coteaux de Grayssas association, created to safeguard the sector and in total opposition to the photovoltaic power plant project as announced by its promoter, Reden Solar, with 31,616 panels. solar. The medieval building where the couple and their children live will be directly affected.

“Not only will we have these black rectangles as far as the eye can see, but we are also talking about a minimum of twelve months of work with construction equipment that will be able to peacefully use our private road. This is absurd! And we will also be lucky enough to have a transformer right outside our house. Frankly, it’s incomprehensible that such a project could be carried out here in the middle of nature! » continues Aurélie, specifying that around ten other houses will also be directly concerned.

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