History: Apple’s streaming movie won the Best Oscar award

History at the Oscars: For the first time, a streaming film won the Best Picture award. “CODA”, Sean Hyder’s film, which was distributed exclusively on Apple’s streaming service, won the Best Picture award this morning (Monday), making it the first streaming film to win the award.

The film is a remake of a French film (“The Bleeding Family”) and it depicts the lives of a deaf fishing family and the hearing sister who begins to learn poetry, much to the displeasure of the family. The film also won the Adapted Screenplay Award and the Best Supporting Actor award (Troy Kotzer, thus becoming the second deaf actor in the history of the Oscar to win the award).

Whoever is considered the leading candidate for the win, Netflix’s “The Power of the Dog”, settled for an award for the film’s director, Jane Campion – and this too made history at the ceremony when for the first time two women won the directing award one after the other.

However, the 94th ceremony will most likely not be remembered for its awards, but for the slap Will Smith gave Chris Rock. Chris Rock took to the stage to present the Best Documentary Award, and along the way joked about Will Smith’s wife’s new bald hairstyle (“I’m excited to see you in GJ Jane 2”), which stems from an illness. Smith did not accept the thing with humor, took to the stage, slapped the rock, returned to the chair and then shouted at him, “Do not say my wife’s name.”

This led to embarrassment in the battle on the island of the ceremony, and in his winning speech Smith seemed to have difficulty finding the right words to describe the act, saying he had taken on the role of “protector” of his family. He finally apologized to the academy – but not to Rock personally.

Other notable award winners were Steven Spielberg’s “Story of the Suburbs,” which won Best Supporting Actress for Ariana Dehboz; “Tammy Faye’s Eyes,” which won Jessica Chastain the Best Actress award; And “Belfast,” which won the best original screenplay award.

Complete list of winners:
Best Picture: “CODA”
Best Director: Jane Campion, “The Power of the Dog”
Best Actor: Will Smith, “Winning Family”
Supporting actress: Ariana Dehboz, “The Story of the Suburbs”
Actress: Jessica Chastain, “Tami Pei’s Eyes”
Supporting Actor: Troy Kutsur, “CODA”
Sound: “Dune”
Photo: “Dune”
Short docu: “The Queen of Basketball” (can be watched here)
Effects: “Dune”
Animated film: “Ancanto”
Short animated film: “The Front Wiper”
Best International Film: “Mr. Yosuke’s Leadership”
Best Live Action Short Movie: “The Long Farewell” (Watch Here)
Costume: “Crowella”
Original script: “Belfast”
Adapted script: “CODA”
Editing: “Dune”
Documentary: “Summer of the Soul”
Decoration: “Dune”
Best Song: “No Time to Die”, “No Time to Die”
Makeup: “Tami Pei’s Eyes”

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