Peskov: Russia will not give Europe gas for free
Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said today that Russia is considering the modalities of paying European countries for Russian gas in rubles and that it will absolutely not supply gas to Europe for free.“The delivery process is very complex. Now all modalities are being considered,” Peskov told reporters, adding that all deadlines will be clearly set.

Asked what will happen if Europe refuses to pay in rubles, Peskov said that the problems will be solved when they appear.

“It is certain that we will not deliver gas for free. That can be said with absolute confidence. However, in our situation, it is hardly possible and it is difficult to purposefully engage in pan-European charity,” Peskov said.

He confirmed that Moscow will start selling oil to Southeast Asia if Europe refuses to buy Russian raw materials.

Russian President Vladimir Putin expects a report from the Cabinet of Ministers, the Central Bank and Gazprom on the application of the instruction on changing the currency when paying for gas supplies to “enemy countries” by March 31, the Kremlin announced today.

The Government of the Russian Federation, together with the Bank of Russia and the public joint stock company Gazprom, should implement a set of measures to change the currency of payment to the Russian ruble for natural gas deliveries to European Union countries and other countries that have imposed restrictive measures on Russian citizens. in a statement.

The statement adds that the first report on the change in the currency of payment is expected on March 31, and then monthly.

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