Businessmen in Serbia assessed today that their better status than before in relation to foreign investors in granting subsidies would be welcome, but also that a better solution to stimulate production would be to reduce taxes and contributions, primarily on employee salaries.

“It is time to support domestic investors with subsidies, because the effect was achieved with subsidies to foreign investors, since a number of unemployed people were employed and salaries were increased, but I think it would be better for economic development to reduce taxes and contributions on salaries and other taxes.” , said the co.owner of the company Industrija mesa “Matijevic” Zoran Matijevic.

On the occasion of the announcement of the Prime Minister of Serbia Ana Brnabić, after the closure of the Italian footwear factory Geoks in Vranje, that the time has come to strengthen domestic investors, he said that the state should reduce the burden on the economy, instead of choosing projects to finance support because in better economic conditions, investors would do better.

Matijevic said that so far he has not asked for subsidies because he did not have projects, and that he now has them to welcome domestic investors who were neglected and received, according to available data, 15 percent of the total amount, which is “negligible”.

According to him, the state should give preference to domestic investors.

As he said, domestic investors are better, and the proof for that is the Rovinj tobacco factory, which was domestically owned and significantly helped the local community, unlike foreign tobacco factories in Serbia.

“I think it would be good, for example, for the state to offer the conditions, which it had promised to that investor, to several domestic pig breeders after the failure of the project with the German meat industry ‘Tennis’, and for ready.made meat products to be exported instead of corn,” said Matijevic. –

The director of the Union of Employers of Serbia, Srdjan Drobnjaković, said that the state initially gave employment subsidies to foreign investors, ceded land, built infrastructure, and did not provide investment, and when they terminate the contract, like Geox, workers go to the bureau, and sometimes the state stays. debts.

“Foreign companies had priority in granting subsidies and in the 100.meter race they gained an advantage in the start of at least 30 meters compared to domestic ones. Foreigners were given a lot of money to create jobs, benefited prices for business premises, various benefits for land use, they built their infrastructure, “Drobnjakovic said.

The owner of the textile factory, who wished to remain anonymous, said that he had never received any incentive for 31 years of work, except that ten years ago, when the state gave foreigners 6,000 euros for one job, he was offered 85,000 dinars, which offended him. and refused.

“It was an incorrect offer and I cannot understand such a disastrous policy of giving money to foreign investors, along with many other consequences of such decisions,” said the owner of that industry.

He added that he used to employ more than 200 workers and that with the arrival of foreign companies, he started to reduce the number of employees because they go to those newly opened companies, so today he has 130 and operates with big problems that indicate closure.

“When the state finances jobs for a foreigner, he has no cost for their salaries and can raise them more than in domestic companies and workers leave. Thus, one foreign company destroys dozens of small ones in any sector of industry. Geox in Vranje destroyed the existing factory footwear, the Ikea trading house, which has been given help in several ways, including the construction of infrastructure, has ‘closed’ many small shops, “said the owner of the textile factory.

His competitors, as he said, do not have the cost of salaries for employees for several years, because the state of Serbia compensates for that with subsidies for jobs.

“The state pays part of the operating costs to our competitors with our money from the budget, and that is an abnormal policy,” said the domestic businessman.

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