Dveri: We support the protest of Serbian businessmen due to the wrong policy of the government

The Serbian movement Dveri supported the protest of businessmen in Serbia, announced for tomorrow, March 30, due to, as he stated, the wrong tax policy and subsidizing dirty foreign technologies.

“Wrong tax policy, numerous levies, but also insane policy of subsidizing dirty foreign technologies and investors has led to the complete collapse of the domestic economy,” the statement said.

Entrepreneurs and businessmen announced a protest in front of the Government of Serbia on March 30, demanding to stop subsidizing foreign companies, reduce the tax burden for low wages, stop discrimination against mothers of entrepreneurs and review several laws.

The Dveri statement points out that 93 percent of the total subsidies go to foreign investors, that the most fertile arable land in Vojvodina was given to the Arabs, and that the state “steals” money for their subsidies from the domestic economy and agriculture.

Subsidies for agriculture, as stated, are at an all-time low and “while President Vučić (Aleksandar) imports powdered milk, domestic producers spill fresh first-class milk.”

The fact that the SNS does not respect the domestic businessman is evidenced by the fact that it gives foreigners up to 150,000 euros per job with a minimum wage where slave labor is tolerated, and inspections and state bodies of foreign companies are prohibited zones. pregnant, “Dveri said.

Taxes, as stated, are growing like all prices, unfair foreign competition and new fiscal cash registers have been introduced, which will be the final blow to the poorest sections of the population.

Dveri’s priority, as it was pointed out, is the domestic economy and the program of reducing taxes for beginners in business, for creating new jobs, for freelancers and the IT sector.

“Within our measures, we paid special attention to correcting injustice towards mothers-entrepreneurs, then protecting motherhood and measures that will help reconcile career and parenthood,” the statement said.

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