A new system will soon be applied in Serbia, which will monitor and check all 600,000 salaries in the public sector, as well as all other payments, fees and duties, the newspaper “Blic” announced today.

The new system will cover more than 10,000 users of state money, and the project has been agreed with the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

As stated, for the first time in one place, there will be accurate records of all payments to workers from the state treasury, so the amount of their salaries will be reached in a second, but also the fees for participation in various boards, which are often higher than the salary.

3,000 people will work directly on the project, and the entire system will be introduced into the public sector in phases.

The first changes should be expected in the sector of labor, employment and social policy, and then in the sectors of culture and justice, the paper reported.

In the second phase, a new calculation of salaries and their better control will be introduced in the education sector, and after that in the health sector.

In the last phase of the project, local governments will also get it, and everything should be completed by the end of 2023.

The new project, as stated, will enable complete control of salaries and monitoring of employment in the public sector, better planning of the budget of users of public funds in the part related to salaries.

This means that the expenses of the payment made for all employees in the public sector will be controlled in real time, and thus possible errors in the calculation of salaries before their payment will be eliminated, as well as all possible abuses, stated “Blic”.

Salaries of employees in the public sector are 100 euros higher than those who work for private companies and now amount to 73,277 dinars, while 61,529 dinars is the average salary in the private sector.

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