Sugar has risen sharply and running out of Russia – Food brings a “sense of security” to the people, and the store is now fighting over coveted packages

Sugar is running out or running out in many places in Russia. Some other foods are in short supply, and the price of sugar has risen in places by more than 30 percent a week.

This is what several different news sources and social media publications say. In one some of a much-shared video (embedded below), a group of seniors quarrel over sugar packs in a grocery store. Another video (at the end of the story) shows a very long queue of at least hundreds of people. The video allegedly distributes sugar.

The shortage of sugar also affects food producers who need it in their production.

According to the Russian authorities, there is no shortage of sugar, but the shelves would have been emptied by sugar hoarding and speculators.

German bank Commerzbankin According to the raw material market review, demand for sugar in Russia has more than doubled since the beginning of March. Russia launched a war of aggression against Ukraine on 24 February.

Sugar is said to be one of the foods that brings a sense of security to Russians in bad times.

Russia has banned sugar exports until the end of August. It has also exempted up to 300,000 tonnes of sugar from import duties.

Under. Many Western retail chains are leaving or have left Russia as a result of the war of aggression and sanctions, but the French Auchan retail chain has decided to continue operating in the country. Picture: MAXIM SHIPENKOV

At the end of last week, two 88,000 tonnes of raw sugar were coming from Russia to Russia. The previous week, a third ship imported 44,000 tonnes of sugar.

Russia also plans to increase its own sugar production somewhat, according to Commerzbank.

Medicines such as antidepressants and sleeping pills and birth control pills are also running out in many places, according to the German magazine Spiegel.

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