Ministry: Variants are being developed in case of interruption of oil deliveries by JANAF

Ensuring a stable supply of petroleum products is a priority for the Serbian Ministry of Mining and Energy, which is analyzing all variants and solutions for secure supply of the domestic market in case of interruption of crude oil supplies to the Serbian Oil Industry (NIS) by the Adriatic Pipeline (JANAF).

Possible routes of supply of crude oil and oil derivatives from terminals and refineries in the area are currently being analyzed, as well as available legal, business, logistical and technical possibilities for import of crude oil and derivatives, including by pipeline, rail, tanks and river transport.

The effects of changes in the way of supply on the work of domestic refinery capacities, possibilities of using domestic oil and increasing reserves of oil and derivatives in warehouses are also considered, in order to adequately respond to possible interruptions in JANAF oil pipeline, the Ministry of Mining and Energy said.

All possibilities to extend the supply of JANAF will be considered, while measures will be taken to create reserves for bridging possible disturbances.

The transport of crude oil to Serbia is done primarily by pipeline, ie the JANAF oil pipeline, which connects the port of Omisalj with the transport system of the public company Transnafta, from where it is shipped to refineries in Novi Sad and Pancevo.

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