Arzan organizes a training program for a number of graduates

Within the framework of Arzan Financial Group’s interest in training and developing Kuwaiti youth energies, and its belief in the importance of education, investment in the human element and the transfer of knowledge and experiences, Arzan hosted a number of new graduates from the Kuwait Investment Authority, to involve them in a training program under the supervision of Arzan Financial Group. A whole month, during which the trainees studied the foundations of the investment sector, financial analysis and entrepreneurship, and got acquainted with the tasks of the company’s sectors, which would make them more knowledgeable and gain practical experience in the Kuwaiti market and similar markets in the region.

At the end of the program, Arzan Financial Group presented the trainees with Ahmed Al-Khaled, Zina Al-Badr and Lulwa Al-Aiban certificates of appreciation for their completion of this training programme.

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