From tomorrow, meat and processed products from domestic producers will be marked in stores

From tomorrow, in all stores in Serbia, meat and products containing more than 50 percent of meat of domestic origin will be marked with a special graphic label “Origin from Serbia”, according to the new Rulebook on declaring, labeling and advertising food of the Ministry of Agriculture.

The new label will be displayed in a visible place, next to the exposed meat and meat products, or with the price and should be at least the same size as the price, it is stated on the website of the Ministry of Agriculture.

As it was pointed out, the Ministry of Agriculture decided on this measure in order to additionally encourage domestic meat production in accordance with the proposal of farmers.

It was emphasized that thanks to this measure, customers will have a clear insight into the origin of the products they buy.

Also, in this way, consumers will be shown where they can buy domestic products, and there will be a way to promote the benefits of the quality of domestic products.

The Ministry of Agriculture expects that this measure will have a positive effect on domestic production in the long run.

The provisions of the Rulebook on declaring, labeling and advertising food specify that the graphic label “Originating from Serbia” can be used to mark beef, pork, sheep, goat meat, as well as poultry meat (fresh, chilled or frozen).

The Rulebook stipulates that the obligation of the producer of meat and meat products is to submit a statement to the seller guaranteeing that his product complies with the regulations and that it can be marked with the graphic mark “Made in Serbia”, and that the seller must clearly state it where these products are sold in his facility.

The manufacturer must also guarantee that the meat or processed product qualifies for a graphic mark based on the traceability system it has in its production, so it can provide identification of each starting material incorporated into the product and which can document guarantees that the product qualifies. will be marked with the graphic mark “Origin from Serbia”.

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