Rising wood prices and satisfied forest owners

For the president of Land&Forstbetriebe, Felix Montecuccoli, this is no reason to celebrate, but at least a reason to be satisfied. “After many years of hardship, 2021 was finally a normal year for the domestic forestry industry. This enabled the necessary investments to be made and liquidity bottlenecks to be overcome.”

Montecuccoli assumes that due to the greater demand and the higher production costs as well as the expenses for afforestation, the wood prices will continue to rise.

The state has helped the forest owners with the forest fund to get through the difficult times. A total of 35.8 million euros was paid out for reforestation, tree species regulation and similar measures. The fund “intervened precisely and helped,” Montecuccoli praises the aid package.

However, the president of Wald&Forstbetriebe does not agree at all with the political guidelines of the European Union. “Although the EU does not have a common woodland and forestry policy, it has been intervening more and more in forest management in recent years with specifications, requirements and restrictions. ”

As an example of this, Montecuccoli named the goal of preserving ten percent of the land area and old forests as a natural area without being altered by human influence. The implementation of these projects would lead to a significant reduction in the amount of wood harvested. In addition, old forests emit significantly less CO2 record as young forests that are still growing.

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