Today, the Minister of Village Care, Milan Krkobabić, signed the first 14 agreements on the allocation of non-refundable funds for the purchase of a village house with a garden, with the mayors and presidents of the municipalities on whose territories the houses and winners are located.

Triple agreements with the Minister were signed by 12 families from the entire territory of Serbia and two young farmers, determined to start living independently in the countryside, and the value of the agreement is a total of 16 million dinars.

This program envisages the award of grants to young married and unmarried couples, single parents and young farmers up to the age of 45, for the purchase of a country house with a garden, which can be located anywhere in Serbia, except in city and municipal headquarters and suburban settlements.

Krkobabic said that today is a great day for Serbia and Serbian villages, and that he is happy that these people will go to different parts of Serbia, which is the best invitation for everyone who wants to take part in the competition, which will be open until November 1.

“Today we are shaping a new face of Serbia, it is being shaped by our friends, who are moving from this place to their homes today. The process of easy but safe return to the villages of Serbia has started and no one will be able to stop that process. and resolutely go to meet all life’s challenges and adversities “, Krkobabić emphasized.

Krkobabic stated that providing a house and a roof over his head is the first step, followed by a safe and regular existence, a program of cooperatives, initial assistance for opening small family businesses, independent craft shops, old and new crafts, ethno tourism.

“There are local, regional roads, sewage and water supply network, broadband internet, but they can also expect renovated cultural centers, where they can have all the contents,” the minister pointed out.

He also announced that the program of allocating minibuses for the transportation of the rural population will start soon, and then the competition for the Miholja meetings of the village.

The deputy chairman of the commission for evaluation and control of the realization of the project, Milan Prostran, stated that he believes in the project, adding that agriculture is often underestimated as very important for GDP.

“In the future, the village is the one that should bear the most GDP. In the coming months, we should look for new challenges, arguments, reasons to continue this project and for Serbia to be happy that it has agriculture and that the villages provide food security to the whole country,” he explained. Spacious.

The president of the municipality of Trstenik, Milena Turk, stated that the funds of the Ministry for the care of the village are a link in the efforts of the local self-governments to revive and develop the villages and improve the quality of life in them.

“We have to motivate people to return to the villages and start their families there. This project is a clear indicator of the Government’s determination to develop the villages and revive them, because they are our great potential and wealth,” Turk pointed out.

According to her, each of the local self-governments is investing significant efforts and funds in order to improve the traffic and communal infrastructure and to encourage farmers in their activities.

Biljana Radenkovic from Vladicin Han, who will live with her family in the village of Repince, said that this is an incentive for young married couples and families to move to the village in a healthy and natural environment.

“We should return to nature and deal with agricultural crafts and tradition. The idea of ​​the Ministry is to return to our roots,” said Radenkovic.


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