The winners of Pulitzer, the most prestigious award in the field of journalism, were announced today (Friday)- The announcement was made later than usual because of the plague, and the traditional ceremony was canceled due to the restrictions of the distance-

Three journalists from BuzzFeed News won the award in the international reporting category for a series of articles in which they revealed through satellite images, architecture experts and interviews with dozens of former prisoners a huge infrastructure set up by the Chinese government for mass arrest of Muslims-

The Outreach Press Award was given to Ed Young from The Atlantic magazine for a series of articles on the corona plague, which presented the course of the disease, turned a spotlight on the failures of the United States government and provided a clear link to the challenges posed by the virus-

Five journalists from the Reuters news agency also won an award in the field, thanks to an investigation they published on certified immunity, according to which the legal principle protects police officers who use force excessively-

The Star Tribune newspaper published in Minneapolis is among the winners of the prestigious award thanks to the coverage it provided about the murder of George Floyd by the police- A special award was given to the girl Darnella Fraser, who documented the murder and in fact ignited the widespread protest that developed following the incident-

The New York Times has won two Pulitzer Prizes- One award was given for “courageous coverage of the Corona virus epidemic, which revealed racial and economic inequality, government failures in the United States and beyond, and filled a vacuum of data that helped local governments, health care providers, businesses and individuals be more prepared and protected-” The second award, in the critique category, was awarded to the newspaper’s critic Wesley Morris for “an ongoing, relevant and committed critique of the intersection of race and culture in America, written in a special style, alternately humorous and in-depth-“

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