Stock market liquidity in the first trading of Ramadan, the highest

The Kuwait Stock Exchange received the first session of the holy month of Ramadan with a collective decline in its indices on the impact of exchange operations to reap profits from shares that achieved price increases, whether leading, medium or small.

The first index decreased by 0.47%, achieving 42.5 points, losses to reach 9018 points, and the main market index declined by 0.08%, losing 4.7 points, to reach 6250 points, and the general market index decreased by 0.4%, achieving 31.2 points losses, to reach 8115 points.

The market value lost 184 million dinars to 47.78 billion dinars, down from 47.96 billion dinars.

Liquidity in the first sessions of the month of Ramadan amounted to 48.4 million dinars, which is its highest level in the first opening of the sessions of the holy month in the last 10 years, and compared to the last trading session last Thursday, liquidity decreased by 31.1%, where liquidity was 70.3 million dinars.

Yesterday, liquidity focused on the leading stocks, led by the shares of: Kuwait Finance House (KFH), whose trading value amounted to 8.2 million, followed by Al Ahli United shares, with a trading value of 4.8 million dinars, followed by “GFH” share with 4.5 million dinars, and Wataniya’s share acquired 4 million dinars.

While the shares of Agility acquired 2.8 million dinars, and thus the five shares acquired more than 50% of the total value in yesterday’s session, and trading volumes decreased by 32.9%, with a volume of 187 million shares traded, down from 279 million shares last Thursday.

Sectorally, the indices of 8 sectors declined yesterday, with the lead of “consumer services” by 1.4%, while the indices of 3 sectors, led by “utilities”, increased by 0.4%, while the “technology” and “health care” sectors stabilized, and with a return to liquidity, “al-anba” monitored its levels. In the opening session of the month of Ramadan in the last 10 years, it was as follows:

The inaugural session in Ramadan 2013 witnessed a liquidity of 19.7 million dinars.

* In the beginning of Ramadan 2014, liquidity is estimated at 9.7 million dinars.

At the opening session of Ramadan in 2015, liquidity amounted to 6.8 million dinars.

The liquidity in the first Ramadan sessions in 2016 amounted to about 7.3 million dinars.

The value increased in Ramadan 2017, to reach 13.5 million dinars.

It returned to decline in the opening session of Ramadan 2018 to about 7 million dinars.

Then it rose in the opening session of Ramadan 2019 to 13.6 million dinars.

* It continued to rise with the opening session of Ramadan 2020, bringing liquidity to the level of 24.3 million dinars.

In the Ramadan 2021 session, the liquidity level amounted to 37.9 million dinars.

While liquidity witnessed a remarkable jump in the Ramadan 2022 session, reaching about 48.4 million dinars.

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