Bulgarian: Dairy cow producers in Serbia go bankrupt
Milk producers in Serbia have gone bankrupt and banks can start seizing property because the production of a liter of milk, after raising the price of fodder, costs 75 dinars, and it is sold to buyers for 32-33 dinars, and in the south for 28 dinars, she said. today the president of the Association of Cattle Breeders Sanja Bugarski.She told Beta that the purchasers, among whom the largest is “Imlek”, are blackmailing them and instead of raising the purchase price of milk, they are giving sowing aid.

“Milk is now sold at 32-33 dinars per liter, and when the state raised the premium from seven to ten dinars last fall, buyers increased the price by a dinar or two. Milk producers are not on the brink of extinction, but banks have also gone bankrupt. they can come for the property on which the mortgage was placed due to the loan in order to finance the production “, said Bugarski.

According to her, selected producers are given aid for spring sowing instead of higher milk prices “as if the producers were social cases”.

“There has never been a greater arrogance of processors towards milk producers. Where logic ends, Serbia begins,” Bugarski said.

She pointed out that the buyers bought a liter of milk in 2015 for 45 dinars, and today at a price that is about 30 percent lower.

Bugarski said that the association is powerless to fight with its business partner “Imlek”, which “makes fabulous money on dairy products, and for which it is not known who owns it”.

“If the owner of ‘Imlek’ is a fund, he does not intend to improve milk production, but to resell a company that operates with big profits,” said Bugarski.

She assessed that dairies cannot fight for higher prices even by boycotting the delivery of milk because “politics interfered”.

Nothing, as she said, has been realized, not even from the measures agreed with, “now former Prime Minister Ana Brnabic, who promised in the fall that she would help in negotiations between producers and buyers in order to increase the price of milk.”

“Cow farms are shutting down and there are no surplus milk in Serbia now, and three dryers, one of which is owned by ‘Imlek’, have been closed and no one produces powdered milk, so the state had to import it because of the Ukrainian crisis and providing milk powder for supplies that product from abroad, “Bugarski said.

She added that it was an opportunity for foreign companies to get rid of that product, for which no one in Serbia found interest in producing it.

Bugarski said the solution might be to establish a national association of milk producers that would have stronger power in the fight against buyers.

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