From meats and vegetables to baked goods and dairy products, the 10 foods that increased the most in March

Unchecked inflation anticipates a complicated March and analysts warn that the data could reach 6% in the third month of the year. In the middle of that rise, the food sector is the one that pushes the most. Against this background, the government launched a “price war” last month.

Private calculations show increases in these products of between 5.8% and 6.3% on average. According to the consulting firm LCG -which measures online prices in supermarkets-, in the fourth week of March food averaged a rise of 2.89%.

The index of food and beverages, monitored until March 25, were the ones that most influenced monthly inflation (5.4%) average in the last four weeks and registered 7.7% point to point in the same period.

From this survey it can be deduced that the four products of the category that increased the most were baked goods, cereals and pasta, with 10.1%; dairy products and eggs, 7.2%; meats, 6.7%; and vegetables, 5.5%.

Completing the list of the 10 products that most increased are beverages and infusions to consume at home, with 5.4%; condiments and other food products, 5.1%; oils, 4.1%; fruits, 3.8%; sugar, honey, sweets and cocoa, 2.6%; and ready-to-go meals, 2.2%.

From the consulting firm Focus Market they assured that “March is accelerating with a floor of 5% inflation. Transportation, Education, Health, Food and Beverages and Housing are above the general indicator, exceeding 5% monthly inflation in all cases”.

For its part, according to EcoGo, food and beverages stood at a monthly average of 5.9% last month. The biggest increase was 4% in the third week of the month, after the announced “war” against inflation. The consultant estimates 6.3% inflation in March.

Aware of this, the Government has drawn up a series of measures that will possibly see the light of day this week.

Feletti relaunches four baskets in his “war against inflation”

The Secretary of Domestic Trade, Roberto Feletti, will launch this week an arsenal of measures designed to contain rising inflation.

Inside that package, as confirmed ClarionFeletti advances in a fresh basket, in Cared Prices, proximity basket and cuts of meat.

The four baskets that the Government relaunches to contain prices. Photo: Rafael Mario Quinteros The four baskets that the Government relaunches to contain prices. Photo: Rafael Mario Quinteros

  • fresh basket: will contain four vegetables and one fruit. First it will be marketed in supermarkets and in a second stage it will seek to move to neighborhood businesses.
  • Prices Care: This program resumes this Monday with 1,3021 products. In January they were launched with a monthly average increase guideline of up to 2% and quarterly review. The agreement is with 150 companies with 45 varieties of milk, 22 of yerba, 6 baked goods; 24 types of diapers and 33 varieties of dry pasta.
  • proximity basket: a basket of 60 products is added for local or neighborhood sales outlets. The list is made up of cookies, yerba mate, flour, dry pasta, jams, tomato and corn preserves, and tomato sauce. They will be sold in supermarkets and stores.
  • careful cuts: The program dedicated to meat will be in force throughout 2022 in more than a thousand outlets of the large supermarket chains. It starts this Thursday.

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