How do we tick at work? Matthias Sutter gives surprising insights

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In his new book, author Matthias Sutter presents 50 insights to understand the “human factor” at work.

How do we behave in the professional environment? For example, is height really responsible for higher salaries? Are women less likely to ask for a raise? Or do we throw all our moral scruples overboard when only money beckons? The behavioral economist Matthias Sutter, who was born in Vorarlberg, has researched these questions and gives some amazing answers in his new book.

How does good leadership work?

In a total of 50 chapters, from starting a career to being the CEO, Sutter explores the question of how people “tick” in professional life and gives numerous clear examples. Using the example of “exemplary behavior”, the economist explains that leadership only works if you set a good example. When managers exemplify desired behavior themselves, the likelihood that other people in the company will also imitate this behavior increases. Sutter also uses behavioral economics to explore the concepts of trust and control. He is convinced that a leap of faith in employees usually always pays off. On the other hand, the exercise of control and thus the lower level of trust had a negative effect on the work motivation of the employees.

Realistic, anecdotal and at the same time fact-oriented, Sutter surprises with unexpected insights.


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