STOCK EXCHANGE: Helsinki Stock Exchange ends in cautious rise – Admicom opens new earnings season

The Helsinki Stock Exchange started the week cautiously, but the general index struggled to rise 0.1 percent to 11,315 points by the end of Monday.

At the forefront of the day were In this A decrease of 2.5%, Sampo 0.3% increase and Nokia 1.2 percent increase.

Neste said that it had completed negotiations on financing EUR 88 million for a clean hydrogen project at the Porvoo refinery. The project is in the feasibility study phase and a final investment decision has not yet been made. The planned start date is in the mid-2020s.

Neste announced that the EU Innovation Fund had initially granted the company EUR 88 million in financing in November.

Brand company Marimekon the stock ended the day up 0.9 percent when the company announced it would announce a partnership lineup Ikean with. Available for a limited time, the collection, which draws on sauna culture, will go on sale in most Ikea stores worldwide from March 2023 onwards. The products in the collection will be revealed later.

Collaborative collections typically generate license revenue for Marimekko. License income related to the Ikea partnership has been recognized in Marimekko’s Scandinavia net sales in the fourth quarter of 2021, the company said.

Evli and Fellow Finance’s merger completed

Married Pankin and Fellow Finance the mutual merger was completed over the weekend and trading in the companies’ shares began on monday. Evli Bank will be officially known as Evli and Fellow Finance Fellow Bank.

At the end of Monday, Evli’s share was quoted in the afternoon at EUR 18.68 and Fellow Bank’s share at EUR 0.52.

Trainer’s House carried out a reverse split of its shares on Monday. Ten of the company’s old shares have been merged into one share after the reverse share split. The split caused a sharp fluctuation in the company’s market value after the market opened, but the price leveled off soon after.

At the end of the day, the company’s share was traded down 2.7 percent.

Admicom started a new earnings season

The Helsinki Stock Exchange’s first quarter earnings season officially began, with Admicom publishing its January-March results shortly after the stock exchange opened.

Admicom’s net sales rose to 7.3 million and operating profit to 2.7 million euros. The company’s earnings guidance remained unchanged. The company recommends that revenue growth be at a level of more than 20 percent and profitability at 40-50 percent as measured by relative EBITDA.

Admicom’s share was up 8.9 percent on the stock exchange.

Energy service company Enersense said on Monday it had signed a contract for a € 7 million wind farm contract. These are the British company Low Carbon’s Mörknässkogen wind farm in Vöyri and Low Carbon’s first wind power investment in Finland. The project is scheduled for completion in the fall of 2023.

Enersense’s share rose 1.1 percent

The recommendation change was received today Scanfil. In the morning, OP lowered Scanfil’s target price to EUR 8.20 (previously EUR 8.30) and its recommendation to an additional level (formerly buy).

Scanfil’s shares were traded down 0.8 percent.

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