unemployment rate is lower than before the pandemic, the average salary in high.tech is above 27,000 shekels

According to the Central Bureau of Statistics, the unemployment rate in Israel in the first half of March, the core unemployment rate in Israel fell by 0.8% compared to the second half of February and amounted to 3.2%.

The unemployment rate, taking into account those on unpaid leave, decreased by 1% and amounted to 3.5%. This is below the rate with which Israel entered the period of the coronavirus pandemic.

The employment rate, excluding those on unpaid leave, rose 0.4% to 61.8%.

Employment and labor force participation rates also exceeded those in February 2020.

The level of the average gross salary in January 2022 decreased by NIS 649 compared to December, and amounted to NIS 11,784. The average salary of 233,000 workers in the information and communications sector, which consists mainly of high-tech enterprises, exceeded 27,000 shekels per month and amounted to 27,332 shekels per month gross.

In the insurance and financial services sector, the average salary is NIS 21,987, in the natural monopoly sector – NIS 19,748, in the professional, scientific and technical services sector – NIS 16,716, in industry – NIS 16,335, in municipalities, public structures, security services and the National Insurance Institute – 16129 shekels, in the real estate sector – 13377 shekels. The lowest wages are in the hospitality sector (NIS 5,496) and in the culture, recreation and entertainment sector (NIS 6,672).

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