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1. When and where was artistic gymnastics born?
2. From what year is gymnastics an Olympic sport?
3. Who is the first transgender person to win an Olympic medal?
4. Who is the MK who represented Israel at the 2004 Athens Olympics?
5. And in which industry?
6. What is the first name of Hezbollah leader Nasrallah?
7. What are the “thirteen degrees of mercy”?
8. Where is the Buddhist temple built from 1.5 million bottles of beer to dispose of waste and educate the public for recycling?
9. Where is Esavatini, which is included in the list of countries that must be isolated, and what was its previous name?
10– In whose name is the “Marx Complex” named and in what is it expressed?
11. What do Alzheimer’s disease, Crohn’s disease and Hodgkin’s lymphoma have in common?
12. In what book did the protagonist discover that he was ill with all the diseases in the world, except for the uterine spasm (originally Housemaid knee)?
13. Why is the fire of the stove flames blue and not orange?
14– In what song that came out recently does the line “I’m not Danny Roop, but” —. appear?
15– What is BMI and what does it measure?

Answer 1

In the late 19th century, in Russia

Answer 2

Answer 3

Kevin, a player on the Canadian soccer team, who won the gold medal in soccer at the Tokyo Olympics

Answer 4

Minister of Tourism Yoel Rezbozov from Yesh Atid

Answer 5

Answer 6

Answer 7

13 The compassionate qualities in which God is characterized according to Judaism

Answer 8

In Khun Han, Thailand

Answer 9

In Africa, its former name: Swaziland

Answer 10

Named after Groucho Marx, who coined the phrase “I do not want to be a member of a club that would agree to accept me as a member,” describing the complex

Answer 11

They are all named after the doctors who discovered them

Answer 12

“Three in One Boat” by Jerome K. bony

Answer 13

The combination of propane gas and butane gas (cooking gas) with oxygen gives the color blue

Answer 14

“Sweet Rain” by Static and Ben El

Answer 15

A parameter that measures body mass, the Body Mass Index

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