Coal, oil, uranium, caviar and vodka: long list of EU sanctions planned

In addition to import and export bans, Russian trucks and ships should no longer be allowed into the EU.

The European Union wants everyone money– Ban imports from Russia. The news agency found out Reuters on Tuesday by a person familiar with the matter.

MEPs also want a oilEmbargo of the EU against Russia realized “as soon as possible”. It is “fixed” that the demand for oil will come, said Thomas Waitz, MEP of the Greens and co-chair of the European Greens, on Tuesday in Strasbourg.

The requirement for one Uranus-Embargo will be included “very likely”, Gas is still subject to negotiations.

Tomorrow, Wednesday, the EU wants to introduce new sanctions against Russia. The reason for this are reports of civilians killed, Europe Minister Clement Beaune told the radio station RFI. “The new sanctions will likely be passed tomorrow.”

Next on the list of planned importverbote: wood, cement, rubber, chemicals and luxury foods like caviar or spirits like vodka.

Also should certain exports be prohibited:semiconductor, high tech machines und Equipment for LPG technology. In addition, Russian trucks and ships should no longer be allowed into the EU.

The import bans add up to a total volume of around five billion euros annually, the export bans amount to around ten billion euros.

In addition, according to an insider, the commission wants all transactions with the VTB-Bank and three other banks that have already been excluded from the international payment system SWIFT. In addition, numerous other Russians would be on the sanctions list. These included other oligarchs, military officials and politicians.

Schallenberg: No energy sanctions

foreign minister Alexander SchallenbergOn the other hand, he said today, Tuesday, in Berlin that energy imports are still not part of the package of sanctions, and he ruled out a gas embargo. “The sanctions must not fall back on us like a boomerang. But we still have many pillars in our quiver,” said Schallenberg. “A number of European countries, not just Austria, cannot replace Russian gas imports overnight.”

SPÖ delegation leader Andrew Schieder said the aim is for the EU to immediately withdraw from Russian oil supplies. Oil accounts for the largest share of Russia’s exports and is also easily replaceable.

The ÖVP delegation leader warned against a hasty shot Angelica Tiny. Austria currently gets around ten percent of its oil from Russia, which is considered to be particularly pure. It is questionable whether refineries could also work with other oil. Tiny announced intensive negotiations on the subject.

Neos MEPs Claudia Gamon criticized that Austria has so far had no action plan on how to get out of dependence on Russian gas. “We also have to prepare for next winter, when Russian gas will no longer be available,” Gamon said.

The FPÖ is against sanctions: They would achieve nothing “except for higher prices”, according to the head of the delegation Harold Vilimsky.

Von der Leyen and Borrell travel to Kyiv

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen will travel to Kyiv this week for a meeting with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. She will be accompanied by EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell, her spokesman said on Twitter on Tuesday.

It is not yet clear when the meeting will take place. So far, the heads of government of Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovenia have visited Kyiv. From there, there has long been a demand that a trip by senior EU politicians would be an important show of support.

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