Commission bans coal imports from Russia, denies Russian ships access to EU ports

President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen told Twitter on Tuesday of new sanctions on Russia.

According to the Commission’s proposal, EU countries will no longer import coal from Russia. Russian maritime and road transport would also be blocked in the European Union.

According to Von der Leyen, a ban on coal imports will affect Russia, losing EUR 4 billion in export revenue every year.

In addition, the Commission proposes that four new banks be subject to sanctions. These include Russia’s second largest bank VTB.

“An important ban on coal imports, worth € 4 billion a year, is once again taking away one source of revenue from Russia,” von der Leyen tweets.

He also tweeted how the (international) payment transactions of the four key banks are completely banned.

“Russia is also waging a brutal, ruthless war against the civilian population of Ukraine. We need to keep extreme pressure (towards Russia) in the current critical situation. So today we are presenting the fifth package of sanctions, ”von der Leyen tweeted.

Von der Leyen lists in his tweets everything that would be included in the fifth package of sanctions.

New sanctions would include a ban on access to EU ports for Russian and Russian ships and a ban on road transport between Russia and Belarus to the EU.

The story is being updated.

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