The Association “Protector of Entrepreneurs and Businessmen of Serbia” assessed that in the upcoming negotiations of the Social.Economic Council on the amount of the minimum wage, the functions of trade unions and employers were “meaningless”, considering that state representatives announced the minimum amount in advance without intending to regulate taxes and contributions.

The civil society organization believes that the burden on low wages is a direct cause of the “huge black labor market” which endangers registered employers and “contributes to excessive levies on small wages and small businesses.”

“We remind that entrepreneurs and owners of micro enterprises are also employees in their companies who feel the burden of huge levies on both salaries and small businesses. Instead of the message that it is more profitable to work illegally, the state apparatus should deal with a fundamental change of the tax system to fair. , a progressive and comprehensive way to improve the standard of employees “, reads the statement of the” Protector of Entrepreneurs and Businessmen of Serbia “.

The association adds that the increase in the minimum wage of a few thousand dinars “has no effect”, because “electricity tax” is charged on electricity and fuel bills, and the prices of basic foodstuffs have increased by several tens of estimates.

Negotiations on the minimum wage next year will begin on August 23, with the participation of representatives of the Serbian government, employers and trade unions.

The Serbian government has proposed increasing the minimum amount to around 35,000 dinars.

Over 60 percent of employers surveyed by the Union of Employers of Serbia believe that the minimum wage should be increased, while 85 percent of them see a reduction in taxes and contributions to wages as a condition for increasing the minimum wage.

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