FCA union: Kragujevac workers on paid leave until April 12

Production of the “500L” car in Kragujevac’s Fiat Chrysler Automobiles Serbia (FCA) factory has been suspended until April 12, when the workers are on paid leave, and the factory union expects to know exactly what Fiat’s plan for that factory.

“It is certain that in a month or two we will receive information from Fiat about the projection of the plan, ie what and how to proceed,” said Beti, president of the FCA Independent Trade Union in Kragujevac, Sasa Djordjevic.

Since the beginning of this year, FCA workers in Kragujevac have been mostly at home, on paid leave, because they work only two or three days a month.

Djordjevic said that a transitional solution is expected in order to at least halve the time that workers spend at home, instead of in the factory.

He stated that in informal conversations with people who are directly or indirectly related to Fiat, he heard that there is a possibility of producing an electric model of the “Fiat Panda” vehicle in Kragujevac.

However, as he said, such an option was not mentioned in the official conversation that the union representatives had with the Prime Minister Ana Brnabić about a month ago.

“We heard from her that Fiat is staying in Kragujevac and Serbia, as well as that all other things are being agreed upon,” said Djordjevic.

According to him, it is certain that a “transitional” solution will be sought in order to employ capacities until the start of production of the new model in Kragujevac in 2024.

“The information we have indicates that the transitional solution could be the electric model” Fiat Panda “, but that it does not have to be that way,” said Djordjevic.

He stated that Fiat is already making the electric model “Fiat Panda”, so in that case, part of the production, ie a certain series, would be transferred to Kragujevac.

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