Users of services in Montenegro will not have to pay them, if they have not previously received a fiscal invoice with a cu (QR) code, said the Montenegrin Minister of Finance Milojko Spajić. “The QR code on the invoice is a necessary confirmation that the tax has been paid. Without it, you are not obliged to pay the issued invoice,” Spajic said in a statement at the beginning of the campaign by which his ministry wants to encourage tax payment and reporting.

The Ministry of Finance also announced that advertising material has been placed throughout Montenegro, and tourists are being handed out leaflets at the entrance to the country with information that they do not have to pay for services and products for which they have not received a fiscalized bill.

Irregularities and non.issuance of fiscalized invoices can be reported to the Revenue and Customs Administration on the telephone number 19707, as well as via the web portal

Spajic said earlier that this year’s tourist season is expected to be at least 65 percent higher than in 2019, but that reports from the National Tourist Organization from last week show that the number of tourists is the same as 2019, which was a record, he said. is the Ministry of Finance.

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