EU agrees on new sanctions on Russia – Coal ban banned, oil embargo pending

EU member states have agreed on a so-called fifth package of sanctions against Russia late Thursday. Sanctions, including a ban on Russian coal imports and the closure of European ports by Russian ships, were agreed by the EU’s ambassadors.

The French presidency informed the EU on Twitter. The package is described as “very large” and is said to extend sanctions to new sectors – energy.

Coal imports from Russia will be banned, Russian ships will be banned from entering EU ports, Russian and Belarusian road transport will be banned from entering the EU, arms exports to Russia will be banned and more funds from Russian banks will be frozen, France lists.

In addition, sanctions against Russian oligarchs, Russian “propaganda actors” and actors associated with the Russian war machine are being tightened.

The package also includes extensive import and export bans: EUR 10 billion worth of exports of various products, such as high technology, to Russia and EUR 5.5 billion worth of material imports from Russia.

The package will be formally adopted by a written procedure by the EU Council of Ministers and is expected to take place as early as Friday.

According to the Euractiv website, which follows EU affairs, the ban on coal imports will take effect after a four-month transition period in August. In this way, according to the site, the current contracts will expire and replacement delivery channels will be arranged. According to Euractiv, the delay sparked an intensified discussion at the meeting, as Poland in particular tried to speed up the entry into force of the ban.

President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyenin According to him, the new package means that Russia will “drift into long-term economic, economic and technological isolation”.

EU bans on oil and gas imports, which are key to financing Russia’s military machinery, are still missing. However, the oil embargo is expected to be before the EU Foreign Affairs Council on Monday.

“We are working on additional sanctions, including oil imports,” von der Leyen said.

EU countries also set out to support an increase in arms aid to Ukraine.

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