The president of the Belgrade board of the Party of Freedom and Justice (SAA), Mila Popović, estimated that August in Serbia is reserved for the sale of the most valuable property and symbols of Belgrade, the party announced today.

“In August 2018, PKB was sold for 4,700 euros per hectare, in August 2020, the ‘Beogradjanka’ building was sold for 868 euros per square meter and the Sava Center for 251 euros per square meter, and today the Belgrade Beer Industry (BIP) was sold for 337 euros per square meter, and one participant responded to all those public invitations for sale, “said Popović.

She added that “when all serious investors are on vacation, corruption in Belgrade is flourishing.“

That is why, as she said, “this government will be remembered for the sale of the most valuable Belgrade property, including land for Belgrade on the water, Airport, JAT, Galenika, Komercijalna and Jubmes Bank, as well as dozens of other valuable locations and companies.“

She pointed out that the damage done by the current government is measured in billions of euros and that everyone will have to pay it for decades.

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