Wait a little longer before refueling: diesel price will again drop below 2 euro limit tomorrow

It is recommended to wait until Friday to fill up your automobile with diesel (B7). The maximum fuel price then drops by 7.1 cents to 1,929 euros, according to the federal public service Economy. Currently, the maximum price per litre is 2 euros.

For LPG drivers, a price cut is also on the way. From Friday, a liter of gasoline will cost a maximum of 1.002 euros, down 7.1 cents. Finally, the cost of heating oil (50S) has decreased. The maximum price lowers from 2.02 cents to 1.1464 euros per liter when ordering more than 2,000 liters. The same reduction applies to smaller orders, bringing the total to 1.1783 euros.

According to the FPS Economy, the price adjustments are the result of fluctuations in the prices of oil products and their components on international markets.

After the commencement of the war in Ukraine, already high prices surged, reaching historic highs. Last month, diesel reached a new high of 2,286 euros. To moderate the rises, the federal government adopted steps such as a temporary reduction in excise charges.

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