Finland’s dependence on Russian natural gas decreases: Hamina lng terminal for commercial use in October – Economy

The terminal’s capacity can be increased in four years to cover more than half of Finland’s gas consumption, Hamina LNG Oy says.

Liquefied Hamina’s lng terminal, which enables the import of natural gas, is nearing completion for commercial use next October, says Hamina LNG Oy.

According to the company, the completion phase of the terminal will begin in July-August, with the aim of commercial commissioning of the terminal in October.

After completion, the Hamina lng terminal will be Finland’s first lng terminal connected to the national gas transmission network. When completed, the terminal will reduce Finland’s dependence on natural gas imported from Russia by pipeline.

Chairman of the Board of Hamina LNG Kalevi Mattilan According to the company, the company’s goal is for the terminal’s network supply capacity to initially be about 3.5 terawatt hours per year, while Finland’s gas consumption is currently about 25 terawatt hours per year.

According to Mattila, by increasing the terminal’s evaporation capacity, its network supply capacity could be doubled in two years to seven terawatt hours per year, which would correspond to less than a third of Finland’s annual gas consumption. Plans to increase capacity have already been launched.

“If a new tank and related infrastructure were built at the terminal, capacity could be further doubled to 14 terawatt hours a year, which would already account for more than half of Finland’s gas consumption,” says Mattila.

According to Mattila, such an expansion could be completed in about four years.

“There is room for another tank and evaporator in Hamina,” Mattila continues.

Lng that is, liquefied natural gas has become a hot topic after Russia’s attack on Ukraine, as ways to get rid of Russian fossil energy have begun to be considered across Europe.

In this regard, the Minister of Economic Affairs Mika Lintilä (kesk) announced last week that Finland and Estonia will jointly lease the lng terminal ship, which is scheduled to be operational next winter.

The ship would probably be located in Paldiski, Estonia, next winter, as there is no lng-compatible port in Finland yet.

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